God is Love!

When trying to describe love, many people will state that God is LOVE. The kind of love that Paul describes in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, while heard at many wedding ceremonies, is actually referring to God's character towards us. Try replacing the word "love" with God and you can see what I mean.

Did you realize that love can have health benefits by counteracting the effects of stress? The American Psychological Association lists many health consequences from chronic stress (more about how stress affects the body). Stress can affect muscles, breathing, heart function, hormones, the stomach, the nerves, and your reproductive system. Is it plausible that having a close relationship with God can lead to wellness in body and spirit? Meaningful relationships seem to safeguard us from the negative effects of stress. Scripture reminds us to turn to our relationship with God in times of trouble, rest in God's promises and experience God's peace. This picture of faith and trust in God is in sharp contrast to a worry-filled existence with chronic stress. 

Check out this YouTube video from Brian Doerksen: "Creation Calls" to see how God beckons us into relationship with Him through His creation. Can you feel His love? Can you feel your stress decreasing and your health restoring? I've developed a habit of using this video to relax when I feel anxious or tense. It reminds me of how important I am to God as part of his creation. In Matthew 10:29-31, scripture reminds us of our value to God. You are important to God and loved more than you may realize.

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