Childcare for children 4 and under is provided in the Desert Cross Nursery during all worship services and many regularly scheduled church activities during the week. Children whose parents/grandparents are attending worship, classes, or activities and need a supervised environment are welcome.
The nursery is staffed by trained Nursery Attendants. We are also blessed with a number of volunteers who serve during Sunday worship. If you have questions or concerns about the nursery or if you would like to volunteer, please contact Denise Viker, our parish nurse, at or 480-730-8600.
Tips for making our nursery a safer, happier place:
  • Please do not leave your child in the nursery if he/she is sick.
  • Please label your child's diaper bag, bottle or cup.
  • Please put a nametag on your child.
  • Speak with an adult in the nursery to let them know you are leaving or taking your child.
  • As always, sign your child "IN" and "OUT" and let us know if there are any custody issues we need to know about.