Print your own tags

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Where it all started

We were first inspired by this idea on the website  She started it in Richmond, VA about 5 years ago.  Our church, Desert Cross Lutheran Church, has a heart for mission and service and we wanted to start this fun game of city-wide, kindness tag to color our world with kindness.  So, grab and tag and pass the kindness.  And if you are blessed by being tagged, add your story to our Facebook page and then go color our world a little more!  The world is our canvas, let’s spread the love and joy!

Desert Cross Invites YOU to Play Kindness Tag!

All members of the congregation are invited to come together and play a community wide game of Kindness Tag!!!

How to play:

Color our World with Kindness!  Here’s how…

1. Our congregation set out with Kindness Tag cards to play a giant city-wide game of kindness tag in Arizona. 

2. Each kindness TAG card has a number and each player sets out to do one act of kindness and then “tag” the next person.  Then that person takes the tag and "tags" someone else with an act of kindness...and the tagging and kindness continues!

3. These acts of kindness may be anonymous or not so anonymous, you may receive the act of kindness and the card or you may just find it. Either way, let’s play. Tell us about the kindness received or offered on our Facebook page, include the number so we can track the kindness unfolding across Arizona.

You can also (for a limited time) find cards at Desert Cross Lutheran Church  (just ask in the office!)

Tag, You’re it AZ! Let’s go!