There’s A Parish Nurse for That!

Denise Viker, RN—Parish Nurse 

Did you know that there is a food purchase cooperative for those with fixed incomes and limited resources? Did you know that there is a discounted cab program for East Valley senior citizens and the disabled living in Tempe, Mesa, Chandler or Gilbert? Do you know there is a Child Care Resource and Referral website meeting national guidelines for selecting child care providers? 

The good news is that you don’t need to know all the community resources. As your Parish Nurse, I work with a wide variety of agencies and services across the valley. I network with other providers who share information on quality services and programs throughout the area. And unlike Google, I will assist you with a smile, a medical background, and a prayer if you’d like. 

Our society sometimes sends the message that asking for help is weakness, something we should avoid. God, the source of all wisdom is ready and willing to give us direction toward the help we need. Instead of trying to make it on his own, Jesus turned to his heavenly Father for all kinds of help along the way. We shouldn’t be embarrassed by our need for help and we shouldn’t let our pride stand in the way of reaching out for assistance. 

Stephen Ministry is another source of help for those in our congregation who would like a little extra support during a challenging time. Parish Nurse ministry can help with resources and Stephen Ministry can provide a caring person to listen, pray, and offer support when life gets rough. You don’t have to face difficulties alone!

You can contact our Parish Nurse, Denise Viker, at 480-730-8600 ext. 122, or
Denise Viker, RN
Parish Nurse
480-730-8600 ext. 122