WHEN: Reformation Sunday, October 25 from 9am to 9:30am
Worship will be every Sunday from 9am to 9:30am with communion served on the 4th Sunday of the month.

WHERE: 4 Worship Space Options
We are currently one church with two campuses and one Pastor. Synod supply pastors are unavailable. As our pastoral situation evolves, we will adjust our plans accordingly. These four options include the most people:
  1. Tempe Sanctuary:
    a. Worship with Pastor Andrea presiding live to be livestreamed and recorded.
  2. Tempe Community Center:
    a. Worship livestreamed on screens with worship hosts to manage flow.
  3. Gilbert Worship Space:
    a. Worship livestreamed on screens with Michael Lottes and Denise Viker as worship hosts.
  4. Home Space:
    a. Stay home and view worship live online or watch the recording posted on YouTube.
    b. Organize a small group from church to gather in your home to worship together.

HOW: Guidelines
          -     Reservations will be needed to worship in-person. You may worship at any of the locations.
          -     In-person worship is limited to 50 people per space in Tempe and Gilbert.
          -     Mandatory masking, physical distancing, and safety protocols will be provided as an expression                  of love and care for each other.
          -     Communion will be served the 4th Sunday of each month. Worshipers in the home space may                  commune with bread and wine/juice.