Prescription Drugs: 
How to Dispose them Safely...for Many Reasons

Prescription medication can be abused. Painkiller addiction often starts by misusing or sharing a legitimate prescription following an injury, surgery, or dental procedure. Kids and teens can have easy access to opioids and other medications stored in some medicine cabinets. Addiction to prescription opioids pain relievers is one of the strongest risks for heroin addiction. Addiction can lead to crime in an attempt to supply a costly habit. In AZ, drug overdoses take more lives than car crashes. Governor Ducey put together a task force to help fight the prescription drug abuse epidemic, including preventing first-time use by youth and getting rid of the stigma surrounding opioid addiction.

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Prescriptions have expiration dates. Many medications don't work as well after their end dates. Some may even make you sick. It may be tempting to take old medications when you feel ill instead of going to the doctor, but this is risky. Taking old medication may delay the proper treatment of your condition and it may give you unwanted effects from medications being too old to be effective.

Improper disposal of medications can damage our environment. Pharmaceuticals are showing up in the environment and there is concern over the long term consequences to God's created earth. Properly disposing medication can help to decrease this occurrence.

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Where should we dispose of medications safely? Many local police departments will accept medications and dispose of them properly to prevent harm to others. Please follow the link to find a drop off location near you, and to read the rules about dropping off medication.

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Psalm 140 asks God for protection from evil. Let's do our part by protecting people from the negative consequences of improper medication disposal. ReThink RX for the good of our community.